Convert Text to PDF

Convert Text (.txt) to PDF or PDF to TXT with LEADTOOLS ePrint. Convert ANY file to and from over 150 document and image formats including searchable PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, Multi-page TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG and many more! Convert your Text files to searchable PDF files, or combine your Text documents into a single PDF file.

LEADTOOLS ePrint can be configured to convert a text file to searchable PDF and simultaneously send the PDF file to a list of e-mail recipients allowing you to print and distribute information in standard formats to many people in one mouse click.

Whether you are converting to the TXT file format or from the TXT file format - ePrint makes converting Text files into the searchable PDF file format as easy as printing a file from any application. Simply CLICK and create a PDF! Use ePrint's advanced PDF options to control the appearance of your PDF document. Choose from compression to reduce the size of your PDF file, bookmarks, security features, watermarks, and more!

Other Popular Conversion Options Include