Convert Excel to PDF

Convert Excel (.xls) to PDF with LEADTOOLS ePrint file converter software. You can convert files from any Windows software application to over 150 file types using ePrint, including searchable PDF, Excel, TIFF, JPEG, etc, as easy as printing the file. Convert your Excel files to PDF and over 150 other file formats. Save your Excel files to PDF files, or combine many different Excel files into a single PDF file.

Now with ePrint you have more choices than ever when saving your file to PDF. Add Watermarks, bookmarks, embedded fonts and more to your PDF output!

If you have ever faced a problem of converting Excel to PDF or to TIFF, JPEG, PNG, DXF, PCL, CGM, etc, because your software application doesn’t save to these types of formats then ePrint is for you! Converting a Excel file to searchable PDF allows you the flexibility to send the converted file to anyone and be assured that it can be universally read.

Other Popular Conversion Options Include