ePrint Terminal Server

ePrint Terminal Server Edition is perfect for companies needing to purchase multiple copies of ePrint without the hassle of installing it on each individual employee's computer. ePrint TS provides system administrators with a centralized location for ePrint software installation as well as updates and upgrades.

You get all the great features of ePrint - file conversion/creation, broadcast printing, document merging, and more without the extra work of maintaining it on multiple client machines! For example, if your company is headquartered in Chicago but you also have offices in Phoenix, Baltimore and New Jersey, you can install ePrint TS at one central office but users at all locations will be able to use it without having to actually install the software.

ePrint TS has a 'Users Manager' which allows the system administrator to add, find, delete or modify users. The number of users added depends on the number of licenses you have purchased.

ePrint TS can be installed on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and later (with terminal services installed), with and without Citrix.