LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Edit Menu

Edit Menu

Use the Edit menu to perform edit commands. The following table lists the commands on the Edit menu and gives a brief description of each command:



Cut Page(s)

Cuts the active page to ePrint clipboard.

Paste Page(s)

Shows the Paste Page submenu.

Select All Pages

Selects all of the pages in the thumbnail pane.

Go To

Opens the Go To dialog, which moves to a specific page in the print job and makes it the active page.

Rename Job

Renames the selected print job in the Jobs List Pane.

Insert Empty Page

Shows the Insert Empty Page submenu.

Delete Print Job

Deletes the selected print job.

Include Print Job

Includes the selected print job.

Exclude Print Job

Excludes the selected print job.

Delete Page(s)

Deletes the selected pages from the print job.

Include Page(s)

Includes the selected pages from the print job.

Exclude Page(s)

Excludes the selected pages from the print job.