LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Jobs List Pane

Jobs List Pane

The Jobs List Pane displays all print jobs in the current session.

To display or hide this pane, select View ➔ Job List View from the Main Menu.

The Jobs List Pane uses rows and columns to display the print jobs to be executed. Each row is divided into two columns and will appear to the right of the ePrint Main Window workspace. The two columns are as follows:

image\Job_List_Checked.jpg All the pages of the print job will be processed.
image\Job_List_Grayed.jpg Some pages of the print job will not be processed.
image\Job_List_Not_Checked.jpg None of the pages will be processed.

Only one print job can be selected (the one that is currently displayed). Multiple selections are not possible.

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