Task Printers

ePrint Task Printers are rule-based printers which provide automation of multiple processes such as file conversion, sharing and more. You can create and configure an unlimited number of task printers to help you with your routine tasks. Around the office, task printers are an incredibly useful tool which can facilitate any number of business workflow and automations and expedite your day to day operations.

  • User-friendly name (e.g. "OCR Printer", "Save to PDF Archive", etc.)
  • Customize the printer paper size, resolution and orientation
  • A plethora of file saving options
  • File sharing options
    • Upload to SharePoint
    • Send as an email attachment
    • Redirect to multiple printers (broadcast printing)
  • Add stationery as background with your company logo to give professional look
  • Add text overlays and watermarks such as "draft", "internal use", etc.
  • Password protect task printer to prevent others from modifying