Enhanced Printing Features

Multiple Pages

Print multiple pages on one sheet:

Save paper with this enhanced printing option.
Print up to 8 pages on a single sheet.



Protect your work by adding a watermark to the print out with complete control over the font, alignment, opacity and position on the page.

Contact Sheet

Create photo contact sheets:

Automatically create photo contact sheets from full to wallet size.


Booklet printing:

Automatically format your print job into a printed booklet. Save paper by printing four pages per piece of paper.


Stationery, form and page designs:

Apply a stationery or page layout design such as a form to each printed page.


Adjust margins, gutters, headers and footers, and borders:

Set margins to any desired size, add headers and footers to each printed page, adjust gutters to allow room for hole punches at left, right, top or bottom of the page.

Without Embedded Images

Print documents without embedded images:

Save paper and ink by choosing to eliminate embedded images from your print job.