Combine Multiple Pages and Documents

LEADTOOLS ePrint offers you the ability to combine multiple documents with different file types into one single file. In addition to being a powerful file converter (PDF, TIFF, JPG, and over 150 more), LEADTOOLS ePrint allows you to combine multiple document and image files into one single file. For example, you can combine a TIFF file, JPG file, and a DOC file into one PDF, it's as easy as printing the file!

How would you like to send a book of document files collected from anywhere to a colleague in one single multi-page PDF file that he can easily browse? College application, resume of work, collection of digital photos; it's all easy to manage using ePrint.

One file is easier for you to store, easier for you to send to someone else and best of all, ePrint allows you to select and combine files easily!

Now you can take advantage of ePrint's advanced PDF options. Save your combined documents into a single PDF file and then choose from features like Watermarks, Bookmarks, URL detection, Security, and more to control the appearance of your PDF output!