Broadcast Printing

With LEADTOOLS ePrint broadcast printing feature, you can print to two printers at once and even handle complex document distribution needs with one click using broadcast printing. Instead of printing to a single printer and manually distributing the printed files, ePrint allows you to automatically distribute your document and print to two printers or as many printers as you like, through printing to a virtual ePrint printer.

The ePrint properties box allows you to set up multiple printers from which to print the document the document with a single click. Set up your redirection list of printers and print to them all at the same time, or just print to one specific printer. Once you have set up your virtual printer through the ePrint Workstation, you may print to two printers the same way you would print to one in addition to any document conversion you may want.

What can you do with broadcast printing?

  • Print to two printers or a list of printers
  • Perform File Conversion "on the fly" and send each person on the broadcast list the printed file in the format they prefer.
  • Send the document to be faxed if you have a fax printer driver installed.
  • Do all of this and more with only a single click!