LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
ePrint Toolbars

ePrint Workstation Toolbars

The toolbars contain buttons for common and frequently used commands.

Show or hide any toolbar by selecting its check box in the View ➔ Toolbars menu. Each toolbar can be docked to the top, left side, or bottom of the main window. Toolbars can also be manually positioned anywhere in the workspace window by dragging it to a new position. A toolbar will "snap" to the toolbar area if the toolbar is close enough to the top of the workspace.

A button appears grayed-out if its corresponding command is unavailable. Hovering over any button causes that button's name to pop up in a small tool tip near the cursor. A short textual description of the button's function is displayed in the status bar located at the bottom of the main window.

The following toolbars are available in the ePrint Workstation:

Standard Toolbar

Page Mode Toolbar

Page Navigation Toolbar

Header/Footer Toolbar

Zoom Toolbar

Overlays/Stationery Toolbar

Annotation Tools Toolbar

Annotation Properties Toolbar

Annotation Text Alignment Toolbar

Activation Toolbar