LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Stationery/Overlays Toolbar

Stationery/Overlays Toolbar



The Stationery/Overlays toolbar changes, depending on whether stationery or overlays are selected. The Stationery/Overlays Toolbar contains:

The following table shows the buttons and their descriptions:




Stationery button

Enables the Stationery mode.

Overlays button

Enables the Overlay mode.

Stationery drop-down list

Lists the available Stationery items.

Overlays drop-down list

Lists the available Overlays items.

Create button

Opens the Create Mode dialog so the item being created can be named. The selected page appears in its own editor. Choose File ➔ Save to save the item. Click Done when finished, to go back to the main workspace.

Edit button

Opens the selected item in the editor.

Delete button

Deletes the selected item from the application.

Apply To drop-down list

Specifies to which pages the selected item should apply. The following values are possible:

All: Applies the item to all pages.

Odd: Applies the item to the odd pages.

Even: Applies the item to the even pages.

First: Applies the item to the first page.

Last: Applies the item to the last page.

Custom: Opens the Apply To Custom dialog box.