Capture Selected Object Options Dialog

Use this dialog to choose options about objects like cursors and borders for use during object capture:


To display the Capture Selected Object Options dialog, click the Capture Properties toolbar button: image\OptBtn.jpg and select Selected Objects from the Capture Properties Menu

The following fields are on the Capture Object Options dialog:

Draw Cursor Drop-down list

Use to set the cursor which will be visible during the object capture operation.

Border Width Edit box

Use to set the width of the border which will appear around objects under the cursor during object capture.

Invert Selected Object Check box

Use to cause the object under cursor to appear in inverted colors during object capture.

Enable Key Board Check box

Use Enable the <Shift> key during the selection process. Pressing the <Shift> key will select the interior area of the object.

Default Button

Click Default to restore the default settings to all dialog options.

OK Button

Click OK to close the dialog and save changes.

Cancel Button

Click Cancel to close the dialog and discard all changes.