WordPerfect Graphics Format (WPG and VWPG)

The WordPerfect (WPG) format can contain vectored or raster images. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional handles both the raster images and the vector images.

Special notes for the Vector Images:

VWPG (Vector Word Perfect Graphics) is a vector format created by COREL. There are two versions (version1 and version2) of the VWPG file format. Each has its own format and specifications. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional supports only version2 of this format. This file format is supported by COREL DRAW 8.0.

The default extension used by this format is: WPG.

This file format does support layers and embedded raster objects, but not grouping.

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional can save the following objects: Line, Polyline, Rect, Polygon, Ellipse, Circle, Arc, Elliptical arc, Pie, Chord, Text, Polydraw, Polybezier, and Image.

When vector WPG files are rasterized, they are 24 BPP.

Related Formats:

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