Portable Document Format (PDF)

Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF was developed by the Adobe Corporation to allow the exchange and viewing of electronic documents easily and reliably, independent of the environment in which they were created. This format lets you compress large documents to a size small enough to download very quickly. It is also becoming a powerful format for reproducing documents over the web.

PDF file can contain raster or document format.

Special notes for the PDF Raster Format

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional supports versions 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 of this format. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional also supports saving multi-page files in this format.

This filter can save PDF files that are JPEG, LZW, CCITT G1 1D, CCITT G3 2D, or CCITT G4 compressed, or uncompressed. In addition, this filter supports JBIG2 compressed PDF files.

(Note that not all flavors of JBIG2 decompression are supported.)

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