Exif Formats (TIFF and JPG)

Exif is a standard for image files created with digital cameras and other input devices. The standard is set by the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association, and formally it is called the Digital Still Camera Image File Format Standard.

Exif files contain either uncompressed TIFF images or compressed JPEG images. In addition, these files can contain many comment fields of various types.

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional saves the following Exif formats:

An Exif JPG file can also contain a stamp (thumbnail) image, which is a small copy of the main image. The stamp size has been restricted to 160x120x24. That limitation has been imposed in order to conform with the ExifR98 interoperability rules imposed by Japanese digital camera manufacturers.

If you are working with uncompressed (TIFF) Exif files, the stamp size is (width x height x 24 bpp), with no limitations on width and height.

Related Formats:

JPG - JPEG Compressed

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format