How to capture images with LEADTOOLS Screen Capture Application


From the Main Menu, choose Options -> Capture Options. The Capture Options dialog will open.


In the Capture Options dialog, click the Hotkey field box. Clear the field by pressing the Backspace key so that "None" appears. Now press the key to be used for capture.
For example, press <F10>.
Note: Unless you wish to change the hotkey, you only need to do this the first time you use the toolbar. You can change this hotkey any time.


From the Main Menu choose Options -> Show Thumbnails to open the Captured Images window. Show Thumbnails is a toggle. When a check is beside it the Captured Images window displays. Select Show Thumbnails again to clear the check mark and close the window.


From the Main Menu, choose Capture, then select a capture type.
For example, select "Menu Under Cursor."


From the Main Menu choose Options -> Capture Area Options. The Capture Area Options Dialog will open. Change any settings as needed.


From the Main Menu choose Options -> Capture Object Options. The Capture Object Options Dialog will open. Change any settings as needed.


Open, close, display, select, or otherwise navigate to what you wish to capture.

For example, roll your cursor over a menu item, display a sub-menu, and roll your cursor over an option.


Press the designated hotkey (selected in step 2 above). For example, press <F10>.


Repeat steps 7 and 8 as many times as needed. Thumbnails of the captured images will appear in the Captured Images window (step 3, above). The full-sized images will appear in separate windows in the main window.


In the Captured Images window, right-click any thumbnail, then from the Context menu choose Save.

Note: you can also select multiple images, then right-click and choose Export All.




In the main window, select an image, then from the Main Menu, choose File -> Save.


When the Save Changes dialog appears, set up the new file's options, then click Save.


When finished, from the Main Menu choose Capture -> Stop Capture. This will "release" your capture hotkey. To begin more captures, return to step 4.