Image Object Content Architecture Format (IOCA/MODCA)

The Image Object Content Architecture format was developed by IBM. This architecture provides a consistent way to represent images, including conventions and directions for processing and interchanging image information. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional supports single and multi-page files in a MO:DCA wrapper with embedded 1-bit CCITT, Group 3 or Group 4 images, IBM MMR and uncompressed IOCA. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional also supports IOCA files without the MO:DCA wrapper. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional saves all these formats.

The default extension used by this format is: ICA.

This file format does not support stamps or Lossless JPEG compression, but it does support multi-page files. For this file format, LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional supports CCITT, G3(1D, 2D), CCIT G4, and IBM MMR compression. LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional does not support RL4, and Color Compression used by OS/2.

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional supports saving multi-page files in this format.


Related Formats: CAL - CALS Raster Format, FAX - Raw Fax Format, TIFF - Tagged Image File Format, CCITT