LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Using the Workspace and Adding Annotations

Using the Workspace and Adding Annotations

The workspace is the opening screen in ePrint Workstation. This is the area that displays opened files as "print jobs" that can be converted, annotated, or sent to printers, email, or a SharePoint site. There are many options to customize the view of the workspace, including toolbars, a status bar and various windowpanes that can be hidden or displayed for navigating and editing the loaded document. For more information, refer to Customizing The Workspace.

Once a document has been imported as a print job, it can have annotations placed over the document including highlighting, images, shapes, lines, text notation and measurements of items placed in the document.

Annotations are only editable in the ePrint WorkStation at the time the document is created. Once a document has been converted into another format using ePrint, the changes are permanent in the resulting document. A saved file cannot be loaded later into the ePrint workstation for other annotations, nor can annotations be deleted.

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