LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Thumbnail Context Menu

Thumbnails Context Menu

Right-clicking on the Thumbnails pane opens a context menu containing some frequently used commands, as described in the following table: 



Close Thumbnails Pane

Closes the Thumbnail pane.

Cut Page(s)

Cuts the selected pages.

Paste Page(s)

Displays the Paste Page submenu.

Apply Mode To

Displays the Apply Mode To submenu.

Insert Empty Page

Displays the Insert Empty Page submenu.

Delete Page(s)

Deletes the currently selected pages.

Include Page(s)

Includes the selected pages in the print job that were previously excluded.

Exclude Page(s)

Excludes the selected pages from the print job.

Select All Page(s)

Selects all pages.

Go To...

Opens the Go To dialog to move to a specific page in the print job.

Save Page(s)

Opens the Save As dialog to save the selected pages.

Email Page(s)

Opens the Save As dialog and saves the active page only for sending as an email attachment using the default email client and settings. There must be at least one email profile created for this to work.

Print Page(s)

Opens the Print dialog to print the selected print job.


Opens the ePrint help file to the documentation section discussing the Thumbnail Pane.