LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Task Wizard

Task Wizard

Use the Task Wizard to create or update tasks for performing multiple functions through executing a single task.

Tasks may include one or more of the following kinds of actions:

You can finish configuring the task any time the selected features used by a task have all the necessary information entered (e.g., files to be saved will need to have all of the information necessary to save them, or files to be emailed will need to have the email program configured, the email message prepared, as well as all of the information necessary to save them.).

To display the Task Wizard, from the:

The Task Wizard has the following pages and buttons:

Welcome Page

Task Name Page

Save Options Page

E-mail Settings Page

MAPI Profile Page

Mail General Settings Page

Mail Server Settings Page

Mail Message Page

Batch Print Page

Completion Page

< Back Button

Click < Back to move to the previous page in the wizard.

Next > Button

Click Next > to move to the next page in the wizard.

Finish Button

Click the Finish button to close the wizard and save the configuration of the task.

This option is only available if the configuration of the task is complete.

Cancel Button

Click the Cancel button to close the wizard, and discard changes.