LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
SharePoint Options Dialog

SharePoint Options Dialog

Use the SharePoint Settings dialog to configure the SharePoint settings in the classic mode Save As dialog.

To display the SharePoint Settings dialog, from the LEADTOOLS ePrint Workstation main menu, select File ➔ Print (or press the <Ctrl> + <P> key combination). The Print dialog will appear. In the Name drop-down list box, select LEADTOOLS ePrint printer and click the OK button. The Save As Dialog (Light Edition) will appear. Make sure the Save Files Via SharePoint check box is selected, and finally, click the SharePoint Options button. The SharePoint Options dialog appears in the following figure:

The following fields are on the SharePoint Options dialog:

Overwrite existing file Check box

Select this check box to overwrite the file in the SharePoint site if a file by the same name currently exists on the server.

OK Button

Click the OK button to close the dialog, and save the configuration of the SharePoint setting.

Cancel Button

Click the Cancel button to close the dialog, and discard the configuration of the SharePoint setting.