LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Rich Text Format (RTF)

Rich Text Format (RTF)

The Rich Text Format (RTF) specification is a method of encoding formatted text and graphics for easy transfer between applications. Currently, users depend on special translation software to move word-processing documents between different MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2, Macintosh, and Power Macintosh applications.

RTF uses the ANSI, PC-8, Macintosh, or IBM PC character set to control the representation and formatting of a document, both on the screen and in print. With the RTF Specification, documents created under different operating systems and with different software applications can be transferred between those operating systems and applications.

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional saves two types of RTF documents: Framed-text and enhanced-text documents.


LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional supports Unicode. It also supports URL detection and allows the user to specify document information like Title, Author, Subject, Manager and company