LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Quick Look at LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional Components

Quick Look at the LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional Components

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional consists of the following components:

When LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional is installed, icons to launch LEADTOOLS ePrint Workstation, the Task Printers Manager, LEADTOOLS Screen Capture, the Read Me First file, and Help are added to the Windows Start menu. At the same time, ePrint and ePrint Workstation are installed as virtual printers in your system's Printers folder, along with optional virtual printers. These printers will appear in the list of optional printers in the Print dialog of any application on your computer that supports printing.

It is not necessary to uninstall ePrint 5 before installing ePrint 6.

File Conversion via Virtual Printing

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional installs two main virtual printers and another six optional virtual printers:

Use the ePrint printer to perform quick, simple printing and file conversion tasks. You can use this printer from within any application by using its print command. When the Print dialog appears, select the LEADTOOLS ePrint printer as your printer and click OK (if the application prints directly to the printer without displaying a Print dialog, be sure to set the ePrint printer as your default printer before you print). When the LEADTOOLS ePrint Save As dialog appears, you can save, email, upload to a SharePoint site, or route the document being printed.

Use the ePrint WorkStation printer when you also want to perform advanced functions like adding  annotations to files, creating stationery or overlays, combining multiple files, or performing document management. Open the LEADTOOLS ePrint Workstation directly from the Start menu. Then from with ePrint Workstation, choose File ➔ Open to load the file with which you want to work. You can also use the ePrint Workstation from within any application by using its print command. When the Print dialog appears, select the LEADTOOLS ePrint Workstation printer, then click OK (if the application prints directly to the printer, be sure to set the ePrint Workstation printer as the default printer beforehand). Selecting the LEADTOOLS ePrint Workstation printer loads the LEADTOOLS ePrint Workstation application, and the item being printed is loaded as a print job.

Use the optional virtual printers to quickly save a file to the format designated by the printer's name. The file will be saved to a directory created specifically for that printer. For instance, files created by the ePrint DOC Printer will be saved in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\ePrint DOC Printer\ directory.

Batch Processing, eMailing, Uploading to SharePoint, and Printing

With LEADTOOLS ePrint Workstation you can create a "task printer" that can perform a series of defined actions. For example, convert, save, and send a series of images to specific printers, email addresses, or upload them to a SharePoint site. Use the Task Printers Manager to manage the task printers that you create. Access the Task Printers Manager directly from the Start menu (LEADTOOLS ePrint ➔ Tools➔ Task Printers Manager), or from within LEADTOOLS ePrint Workstation (Tools ➔ Task Printers Manager).

LEADTOOLS Screen Capture

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional also includes a powerful screen capture application .For more information on this component, refer to the  LEADTOOLS Screen Capture Application help file.

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