LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Print Folder Dialog

Print Folder Dialog

Use the Print Folder dialog to print the selected folder of files (if they are any of the selected formats) using the selected printer.

To display the Print Folder dialog, from the main menu, choose File ➔ Print Folder. The dialog is shown in the following figure:

The following fields are on the Print Folder dialog:


Selected Folder Edit box

Enter the path to the folder to be printed.

Selected Folder Browse button

Click the Browse button to navigate to the folder to be printed.

Selected Printer Drop-down list box

Select the printer to be used from the list of printers.

Include Sub-folders Check box

If selected, the selected folder and all sub folders will be printed.

Formats Button

Click the Formats button to show the Print Folder Formats Dialog. Use this dialog to select the file formats to be printed.

OK Button

Click OK to print and close the dialog box.

Cancel Button

Click Cancel to close the dialog without printing.

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