LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
OCR Options Dialog

OCR Options Dialog

Use the OCR Options dialog to configure the OCR options in the classic mode Save As dialog.

To display the OCR Options dialog, from the Save As dialog in LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 or the Save As dialog (Light Edition), select the Convert Images To Text check box and click the OCR Options button.

The OCR Options dialog is shown in the following figure:

The following fields are on the OCR Options dialog:

Use smart OCR (OCR if the printed job contains mostly images) Check box

Select this check box to enable optical character recognition if the source contains mostly images.

Use Default Spell Language

Select this check box to have the recognition engine use the  spelling dictionary for the default language.

Spell Language Drop-down list

Use this option to select a language for the spelling dictionary.

This option is only available if the Use Default Spell Language check box is not selected.

OK Button

Click OK to close the dialog and save the current selections.

Cancel Button

Click Cancel to close the dialog without saving.