LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Main Window Workspace Shortcuts

Main Window Workspace Shortcuts

Access the ePrint Workstation Main Window workspace by using the following keyboard shortcuts:



Up Arrow é

Scrolls up one unit.

Down Arrow ê

Scrolls down one unit.

Left Arrow ç

Scrolls left one unit.

Right Arrow è

Scrolls right one unit.


Moves to the beginning of active page.


Moves to the end of active page.

Page Up

Moves to the previous page.

Page Down

Moves to the next page.

Ctrl + Tab

Moves to the print job viewer and hides the other panes.

Space Bar

Scrolls the screen the length of the viewing area.

Ctrl + Num +

Zoom In

Ctrl + Num -

Zoom Out

Ctrl + Home

Moves to the first page.

Ctrl + End

Moves to the last page.

Ctrl + N

Inserts a new, empty page.

Ctrl + O

Shows the Open dialog.

Ctrl + S

Shows the Save dialog.

Ctrl + P

Shows the Print dialog.

Ctrl + X

Cuts a page.

Ctrl + V

Pastes a page.

Ctrl + G

Shows the Go To dialog.

Ctrl + M

Shows the Custom Zoom dialog.

Ctr + Shift + A

Selects all annotations in the active page.