LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional Minimum System Requirements

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional Minimum System Requirements

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional comes in WIN32 and x64 editions that can run under the following environments:

Installation Requirements:

Memory requirements:

System memory requirements for ePrint depend upon the paper size used and the printed DPI. The larger the paper dimensions and the greater the specified DPI, the more system memory required.

To calculate the memory required in MB, use the following equation:

(paper width in inches * specified DPIX) X (paper length in inches * specified DPIY) * (6) * (.000001).

For example, for Paper size = letter and DPI=300, the memory required=(8.5) * (300)  * (11) * (300)  *  6 * 0.000001 = approximately 50 MB. For Paper size = letter and DPI = 600, memory required = approximately 200 MB.

Hard-Disk requirements:

ePrint needs space to store processed pages. ePrint stores its processed pages in the system Temp directory, and deletes them when it has finished processing them. Each page (depending on paper dimensions and the amount of information in the printed page) needs approximately 2MB on the hard disk. For example, 100 pages require approximately 200 MB of free space on the drive that contains the system Temp folder.


For NTFS file system users, ePrint requires read access to the System Temp folder in order to work properly.

It is not necessary to uninstall ePrint 5 before installing ePrint 6.