LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional

Graphics Tab

With LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional it is possible to change the graphics settings before redirecting a print command to save to a file, to send an email, or to print to one or more printers. When LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional is used and a print command is sent from a program, the information that was sent to the "printer" is prepared, based on the values set on the Graphics tab of the LEADTOOLS ePrint Printing Properties dialog. The following figure shows the Graphics tab:

You can add a custom resolution by selecting "custom" from the Resolution drop-down list box. The following figure shows the graphics tab using a custom resolution:

The following fields are on the Graphics tab:

Resolution Drop-down list box:

Use this option to select the resolution. Possible values are:

For step-by-step directions for manipulating graphics settings, refer to How To Prepare Graphics Settings.