LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Jobs List Context Menu

Jobs List Context Menu

Right-clicking the Jobs List Pane opens a context menu containing some frequently used commands. Some options are only available when right-clicking on a specific job. If there are no jobs in the Jobs List, only the Close Jobs List Pane and Help commands are shown. The following table lists the commands on the Jobs List Context Menu and gives a brief description of each command:





Close Jobs List Pane

Closes the Jobs List pane.

Rename Job

Renames the selected print job in the Jobs List pane window.

Include All Jobs


Includes all jobs to be printed.

Exclude All Jobs


Excludes all jobs from being printed

Include Job

Includes a selected print job to be printed if the job was previously excluded.

Exclude Job

Excludes a selected print job from being printed if the job was previously included.

Job Information

Opens the Job Information dialog, which shows information about the currently selected print job.

Delete Job

Deletes the currently selected print job.

Move Job Up

Moves the selected print job up one level.

Move Job Down

Moves the selected print job down one level.


Opens the Save As dialog to save the selected print job.

Email Recipient

Sends the selected print job as an email attachment to the recipient specified in the Email Options dialog. The Save As dialog will open to specify the name of the file to email before the email can be sent.


Opens the LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional help file to the documentation section discussing the Jobs List Pane.