LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
MS Word Format (DOC)

MS Word Format (DOC, DOCX)

MS Word Format (DOC). The DOC file extension is used for Microsoft Word 97 files. The DOC format is a proprietary binary format.

MS Word Format (DOCX). The DOCX file extension is used for Microsoft Word 2007 files. The DOCX format is an XML-based file format. 


The DOCX format requires .NET Framework 4.0.

Support for Word documents includes text formatting with full support for fonts, colors, and styles. The format also supports images, shapes and drawings, including all the vector primitives.

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional saves two types of MS Word DOC and DOCX files: Framed-text and enhanced-text documents.

Almost any type of file can be converted into an MS-Word document.



LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional supports Unicode. It also supports URL detection and allows information like Title, Author, Subject, Manager and company to be specified.