LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Customizing the Workspace

Customizing the Workspace

Customization of the workspace options is primarily accessible through the ePrint Workstation Main Menu under the View option. From this option set, you can access zooming, page view, toolbars and various windowpanes options.

The toolbars are collections of tools grouped by similarity. Toolbars can be turned on and off by checking or clearing the toolbar options under View > Toolbars. By clicking and dragging the far left side of a toolbar, you can place the toolbar anywhere you like in the application window. When near the top of the workspace, the toolbar will dock itself to the toolbar area. The appearance and behavior of the toolbars may vary slightly depending on your version of windows.

Window panes are dialogs that do not interrupt the normal workflow, but allow you to make changes to your documents or view additional information by extending the visible interface of the workspace. Panes can be docked to the sides of the workspace by clicking and dragging the top left of the pane to the left, top or right edge of the workstation. Panes can also be combined by clicking and dragging one pane onto another. (Combined panes will have a tab menu at the bottom for switching views between the selected panes.)

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