LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 Professional
Conflict Removal Dialog

Conflict Resolving Options Dialog

Use the Conflict Resolving Options dialog to set the policy for saving a file when a file with an identical name currently exists (e.g., trying to save a file with the name "fourth-Quarter-review.PDF" to a folder where there is already a file entitled, "fourth-Quarter-review.PDF").

To display the Conflict Resolving Options dialog, from the main menu, choose Tools ➔ Conflict Resolving Options. The dialog is shown in the following figures:


The following fields are on the Conflict Resolving Options dialog:

Action Drop-down list box:

Use this option to select the action to deal with the conflict. Possible values are:

Options Button:

Click this button to open the Rename Options dialog to specify the renaming options.

This button is only available if the Action drop-down list box is set to Rename.

OK Button

Click OK to close the dialog box and save the conflict resolving options.

Cancel Button

Click Cancel to close the dialog box and discard all changes.

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