How Does ePrint Work?

LEADTOOLS ePrint 5 Professional behaves like a printer installed on your Windows operating system. However, unlike printer drivers, which simply pass information along to the printer for printing on paper, ePrint captures the data stream being "printed" so that you can convert it to almost any document, image or vector format desired.

Once ePrint is installed, it is instantly available to any application that can send a print job, without any additional configuration. LEADTOOLS ePrint 5 Professional comes in two forms: the ePrint 5 printer and the ePrint Workstation printer. Which one you choose to use depends on how much control you want over the documents you produce.

ePrint 5 printer. The ePrint 5 printer takes you directly to format selection screen for quick, efficient, no-hassle document conversion.

ePrint Workstation printer. The ePrint Workstation printer is available for advanced document manipulation and even more control over the files you convert.

Either of these printers is accessible at any time in most applications by selecting it from the print dialog.

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