Convert Multiple Files Through ePrint

Windows explorer has been developing new ways to print to traditional printers for many years, allowing you to print multiple documents directly from your desktop. By selecting multiple files in the Windows environment, you are now able to select a single option to print the selected to any printer you choose. With ePrint installed, this means you now have the option to perform a variety of tasks on a list of files, from document conversion, to printing, faxing and emailing your converted documents.

Here’s how to convert multiple files from Windows:

  1. Select the files you wish to convert from windows by clicking and dragging your mouse across the group of documents or hold down your ctrl key and add the files one at a time by left clicking
  2. Once you have your files selected, click your right mouse button on any of the selected files to open the windows right-click menu.
  3. Select Print from the menu to tell Windows you would like to print all of the selected documents
  4. Select an ePrint Task Printer from the list
  5. ePrint will convert and distribute your documents as defined in your task printer